The things that make me Tick


It started as a blog, before blogging was huge. Then it was a bar bet between friends - IronCupcake was born. IC then became a monthly local charitable and networking event with more than 3000 attendees at its hay-day. IronCupcake was covered by local and national press including the LA Times, MSNBC,,, Milwaukee Magazine and the declaration that I, the Milwaukee Cupcake Queen, was one of the 100 Coolest Milwaukeeans. I was flown to NYC more than once to participate in cupcake events. It found a place on the internet with 500 bakers from 27 countries and dozens of corporate sponsors. And then 14 cities around the world followed suit. They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. This was definitely one of mine. There are literally THOUSANDS of photos from years worth of events. These are just a few to represent how big it got over the years.


I have always loved cooking; a foodie before being a foodie was a thing. I learned early that meeting a chef was a lot more obtainable than meeting rock stars. For every meeting, I probably have a cookbook signed by the same. Over the years, I have met a quite a few. Have become friends with several of them. And I can still tell you about every single meeting…if you have several hours to kill.


Rock and roll, my first and longest love. I don’t claim to be the next great rock photographer, but I sure do love trying to capture a moment. I think its the eye I have developed over the years of art direction and design, the passion for color, composition and detail, that got me interested in shooting for fun. For the longest time I thought MEETING a rock star was impossible. That is sort of how meeting Chefs became a thing. But, then I got older, wiser and life took me to opportunities where meeting them became more plausible. So you will find some of the amazing folks I have met peppered in for good measure. All photos that don’t have me in them were shot by me.